Convention Season.


Hey there, I just got back from Tampa Bay Comic Con yesterday! It was an excellent weekend and the start of the fall convention season. I meant to do a post prior to but I was distracted and stressing down to the last few hours before we left to drive down. We took my trusty [...] Continue Reading »

Updates, September 2012


Hello, all! Almost all of the galleries have updated in some way, shape or form since I last posted. Go have a look! The Stolen Lovelight- I added two more preview pages, enjoy! Sneak Peek- Check out previews for projects I’m working on, including various anthologies I’ve contributed to. Puddles- I added a full 17-page [...] Continue Reading »

The Stolen Lovelight- Update 4/23


“Space…..the final frontier.” Just kidding. Hullo there, Unveiling a new project that my husband Paul and I have been working on this last month. The Stolen Lovelight. It’s about a young woman named Arisia Randir who is stuck in the worst relationship of her life. To escape, she pays for her own kidnapping. Things seem [...] Continue Reading »

Dream Journal Entry: Hedicular


Doing some dream journal comics lately. This is one from back in November? I don’t know what exactly this was about, story wise, or “message” wise. I just drew it. It’s probably the first and only dream I’ve had where someone has given me a name and I’ve remembered it. Wherever Hedicular┬ácame from, I’ll never [...] Continue Reading »

New, new, new!


New artwork has been added to the following galleries: -Sneak Peak: A preview page of the graphic novel I’m working on. -Illustrations: Various drawings I’ve done over the last few months, including some personal commissions.   Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Looking forward to an exciting new year.