Tara Abbamondi (formally an O’Connor) is a cartoonist/illustrator/comics-making lady. She graduated from Marywood University with a BA in Art Education with a concentration in Illustration. After many years of drawing comics for fun, she decided that she wanted to try her hand at self-publishing and in 2010 she put out her first printed mini-comic entitled Puddles. Currently she is working on multiple anthology pieces and two full-length comics. She lives with her husband in the middle of the woods.

In 2008 I started some sort of journal comic entitled GingerCurls, there I’ve recorded dreams, daily things, and drawings. Many of those I have not attached to this site for personal reasons. If you would like to read through, you are more than welcome by clicking here.

*** Hilarious Disclaimer: My hair color is not natural. However, it’s been red for so long, MOST people only know me as a redhead and quite honestly, I’ll never NOT be a redhead. I’ve broken many hearts because of this.

 The lovely art above was done by comic-artist extraordinaire Justin Peterson. Click the picture to go check out more of his work!


School: Marywood University, May 2010


Group Shows:

Message in a Bottle, Light Grey Art Lab, January-February

GIRLS: Fact or Fiction, TBA, Audrey Hepburn

Pokemon Battle Royale, April 2012, #37 Vulpix

Scranton First Friday, Bricolage, February 2009, Forest Rebirth



Comics Alliance, 24 Hour Comic Day Coverage, October 2011

Robot 6, Comic Book Resources, 24 Hour Comic Day Coverage, October 2011



Comic Book Interviews: Tara Abbamondi, October 2011

Chatting with Tara Abbamondi: Crisp Comics, January 2013

Light Grey Art Lab: Artist Interview: Tara Abbamondi, February 2013


Published Work:

The Way We Sleep, Curbside Splendor Press, Artist & Writer, November 2012, 4 pages

Golden Rule, Artist, On-going webcomic

The Stolen Lovelight, Artist, April 2012, 44 pages

I Was a Teenage Gargoyle, Sawdust Press, March 2012, 8 pages

Uncanny Very Near Mint: (500) Days of Mack, Adventuring Company, Artist, January 2012, 5 pages

Unite and Take Over, Stories Inspired by the Songs of the Smiths, Spazdog Press, Artist, November 2011, 8 pages

Panels for Primates, Act-i-vate, Artist & Writer, 2010, 5 pages

Puddles, Artist & Writer, April 2010, 30 pages


Coming Soon:

Princeless Short Story, Action Lab Comics, Artist  2013,  7 pages

Collaboration, TBA

The Stolen Lovelight Sequel, TBA, tentative release: Fall 2013