Updates, September 2012

Hello, all!

Almost all of the galleries have updated in some way, shape or form since I last posted. Go have a look!

The Stolen Lovelight- I added two more preview pages, enjoy!

Sneak Peek- Check out previews for projects I’m working on, including various anthologies I’ve contributed to.

Puddles- I added a full 17-page preview!

One-Shot Comics- Added the most recent dream comic I drew.

Illustrations- Cleared out some old stuff and put in the new! Included fan art and some pin-ups.

I’m currently working on a graphic novel pitch, a short for the second Princeless Short Story collection coming out next year, and drawing a webcomic called Golden Rule, that updates Fridays. I’ll also have a piece in the upcoming Light Grey Art Lab Exhibit, Girls: Fact or Fiction, so be on the lookout for updates on that.

Thanks for dropping by! :]

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