Heroes Con 2012!

Hello folks, I’ll be at Heroes Con this year in Charlotte, NC–and it’s just a few days away!

I’ll be accompanied by Tim Miner of 5 Minute Marvels, and Justin and Lee of Adventuring Company. We’ll be at table AA-237! Check out the helpful map below!


I will have copies of The Stolen Lovelight and Puddles. I’ll also have limited copies of an anthology I was in, I was a Teenage Gargoyle. I’ll also have a bunch of Game of Thrones postcard prints available, and of course, buttons.

In addition to all of that, Tim Miner and I will be releasing a preview of our webcomic, Golden Rule, coming out the weekend of Heroes Con so stop by the table and have a look! It’s a non-typical superhero comic about three major players: Molly, the newly realized superhero, the agency trying desperately to market her for a profit, and Gwen Golden, Molly’s mentor, who is trying desperately to keep her alive.

So there we go! If you’re at Heroes, please stop by, I don’t bite, I’m just painfully shy.

ALSO, in July, while I won’t physically be at SDCC, my BOOK The Stolen Lovelight will be! The super, lovely, talented Shing will have it at her table P-16 in Small Press. It’s totally awesome of her to offer up her space to me, and I’m so grateful for such wonderful comic friends.  If you’re going to SDCC, stop by and see her, buy all of her stuff and then tell her how awesome she is!

Thanks for looking, hope to see all your smiling faces at Heroes Con. :]

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