The Stolen Lovelight- Update 4/23

“Space…..the final frontier.”

Just kidding.

Hullo there,

Unveiling a new project that my husband Paul and I have been working on this last month. The Stolen Lovelight.

It’s about a young woman named Arisia Randir who is stuck in the worst relationship of her life. To escape, she pays for her own kidnapping. Things seem to be going according to plan until she wakes up and discovers that she is all alone on the Brochet Swimmer, the cargo ship that was her means of escape. As she begins to explore the ship, she hears her name called over the intercom.

Here are some pages for your viewing pleasure, in no particular order.



It’s around 43 pages long and the art is finally done. I’m currently working on coloring!!

It’s debuting at MoCCA Fest 2012! I’ll be updating info on THAT when we find out more info on that. Thanks!

EDIT: Heads up! Paul and I will be at table I 10 at MoCCA this weekend!

In addition to having the Stolen Lovelight, I’ll also have copies of last year’s mini, Puddles, and two comic anthologies, Unite and Take Over, and I was a Teenage Gargoyle. I’ll also have some left over Game of Thrones prints from MegaCon so make sure you grab some! Paul will have a bunch of stuff too, and when he updates his blog I will link it here.

Friday night I’ll be at Drink and Draw Like a Lady, so if you’re a lady and you like comics, draw comics, write comics, write ABOUT comics, make sure you are there!!

Anyway, I hope to see you all this weekend!!

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