MegaCon 2012.

Quick update! I’ll be at MegaCon on the 17th-19th of February. My husband Paul and I will be at table RED 9. See here!


So anyway, there we will be. Paul will have an assortment of comics, both sets of his 31 Bad comics (horror & holiday) as well as a brand new comic he hasn’t disclosed to the public yet. He’ll also have the most recent FINISHED Supertown comic with him, and some nifty postcards!

I reprinted Puddles, and I’m much happier with the quality this time around. So in addition to that, I’ll also have a new mini comic, done in the same vein as “…And Now All Day She Glows”, this time around, it’s “Dea Experiments”, and it’s about a girl scientist. I will also have postcard prints! Here are the ones I’ll have with me. 

Yep, I’m on a Game of Thrones kick. I’ll also be doing sketches if anyone is interested in that. Woo! We’ll also have buttons and business cards, and so on.

–Also, my good friends Justin Peterson and Lee Bretschneider will be there, and I think they will be at table Blue 11. In addition to the many awesome books they have, Justin will have Uncanny Very Near Mint! Which has some back stories on the characters of Very Near Mint, and one of the stories is drawn by me! And also Lee! Wee! So yes, be sure to throw money at them and pick that up, it’s awesome. AWESOME.

Thank you and see you at MegaCon!

I’ll also be at MoCCA this year and Heroes Con. More updates on those as time gets closer!


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  2. LeEtta said:

    Hey, I finally got around to following up. I met you and Paul at megacon and love the comics I picked up even more when I got to look at them sans crowd. Puddles is wonderful. I am sorry now that I didn’t pick up the mini comics you had as well. Will those be featured in the store any time soon?


    • Tara said:

      Awh, thank you! The other minis I had are now out of print but I will be reprinting them before Heroes Con in June, so I’ll update the store then :) There’s also a new comic coming out at the beginning of May that Paul wrote and I drew. Thank you so much, I’m so happy you enjoyed Puddles :)


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