Convention Season.


Hey there,

I just got back from Tampa Bay Comic Con yesterday! It was an excellent weekend and the start of the fall convention season. I meant to do a post prior to but I was distracted and stressing down to the last few hours before we left to drive down. We took my trusty Jeep and hoped that no air conditioning wouldn’t be a problem. (It is the south in AUGUST, yes, of course it was a problem.)

Though, despite that we made it! I sold some comics and got to meet my favorite person! Rory McCann! Brilliant man, extremely nice, though I was still nervous–I’m shy anyway, so meeting someone who I admire so much was a bit daunting. But anyway, the experience made my weekend for sure!

I had copies of my little book On the Morrow, my 24-hour comic from last month, a short story about a lumberjack, Roderick, who gets stranded on an island by new work mates as a joke. He starts to hear noises and weird stuff starts to happen. Ya know, like you’d expect.

Next month on the 14th-15th is SPX! I’m not entirely sure which table I’ll be at but I’ll be accompanied by Pauly, and also Justin Peterson. I need to reprint On the Morrow as well as reprint the new colored Puddles.

I’ll also be at NYCC this year but I’ll be walking around, and it may only be for the day on Saturday, I’m not sure. I managed to snag up a pro pass so I’ll get to wander the floor avoiding being stepped on. The usual. More updates on those later! The next few months should be pretty busy art wise, but you’ll all find out about that later. I’ll also be focused on getting out those rewards for the IGG that took place!

If you stopped by the table at TBCC, drop me a line, I’d like to hear what you thought of the books, it was so nice meeting everyone!

Summer 2013.


Hello all,

Not a ton of stuff to report because I’m kind of restricted from revealing much as of late, but I assure you I’m doing something! Working on two collab comics: One with Paul, a sequel to The Stolen Lovelight, and another with my brother, Sean, and it’s an on-going several book series. Super excited for both! Hoping to have a kickstarter up for the TSL sequel towards the end of June so I’ll be sure to update on that soon.

Otherwise, my own comic pitch is still on its way, as always it takes a back seat when there’s other work to be done. And the day job keeps me busy, of course. But what the hey, here’s a wee panel preview of that.


So yeah, couple of commissions to finish before the end of the month and then it’s full on con prep! SPX in September and then in October I’m gonna be walking around NYCC! I was somehow able to snatch a pro-pass so I’ll likely be around most likely on Saturday but I’ll post something when it’s closer.

Short, yep, but hopefully I’ll have more to update you all with sooner than later!

MegaCon 2013!


So, as most of you know, I’ll be heading to MegaCon this weekend with hubby, Paul! You can find us at table RED 1! Artists Alley is right by the food court! WOO!

We will have quite a bit of stuff with us, so I’m using this wee space to tell you all about it. First off, COMICS! I will have copies of The Stolen Lovelight and copies of Puddles. I only have about 10 copies left of Puddles, so my supply is limited!

In addition, I’ll also have Game of Thrones prints! The usual suspects that I had last year in addition to a group print! If you come dressed up as someone from Game of Thrones I’ll give you a freebies!


I’ll also have commissions! Here’s a sample of the 5X7 pieces I’ll be doing for $20!

And, as always, we’ll have, as I’m told, the cheapest buttons at MegaCon! 25 cents! So be sure to stop by our table Red 1 and say hello!!! See you there!

24-Hour Comics Day!


Check here for updates tomorrow on my 24-Hour Comics Day attempt! I’m starting tonight at 12:30 am. with scripting. Wish me luck!!

12:30 am- START. Scripts/thumbs.

1:00 am- 9:00am- Sleep.

9:30am-11:30am- Progress!

6:30pm- Nine pages left to ink!!! Taking an eggs and bacon break.

11:30pm- DONE!! Uploading NOW.

11:50- Finished uploading and is ready to be read by you!!! Click here to read!! Enjoy and thank you!! It was a blast as always :)


Updates, September 2012


Hello, all!

Almost all of the galleries have updated in some way, shape or form since I last posted. Go have a look!

The Stolen Lovelight- I added two more preview pages, enjoy!

Sneak Peek- Check out previews for projects I’m working on, including various anthologies I’ve contributed to.

Puddles- I added a full 17-page preview!

One-Shot Comics- Added the most recent dream comic I drew.

Illustrations- Cleared out some old stuff and put in the new! Included fan art and some pin-ups.

I’m currently working on a graphic novel pitch, a short for the second Princeless Short Story collection coming out next year, and drawing a webcomic called Golden Rule, that updates Fridays. I’ll also have a piece in the upcoming Light Grey Art Lab Exhibit, Girls: Fact or Fiction, so be on the lookout for updates on that.

Thanks for dropping by! :]

Heroes Con 2012!


Hello folks, I’ll be at Heroes Con this year in Charlotte, NC–and it’s just a few days away!

I’ll be accompanied by Tim Miner of 5 Minute Marvels, and Justin and Lee of Adventuring Company. We’ll be at table AA-237! Check out the helpful map below!


I will have copies of The Stolen Lovelight and Puddles. I’ll also have limited copies of an anthology I was in, I was a Teenage Gargoyle. I’ll also have a bunch of Game of Thrones postcard prints available, and of course, buttons.

In addition to all of that, Tim Miner and I will be releasing a preview of our webcomic, Golden Rule, coming out the weekend of Heroes Con so stop by the table and have a look! It’s a non-typical superhero comic about three major players: Molly, the newly realized superhero, the agency trying desperately to market her for a profit, and Gwen Golden, Molly’s mentor, who is trying desperately to keep her alive.

So there we go! If you’re at Heroes, please stop by, I don’t bite, I’m just painfully shy.

ALSO, in July, while I won’t physically be at SDCC, my BOOK The Stolen Lovelight will be! The super, lovely, talented Shing will have it at her table P-16 in Small Press. It’s totally awesome of her to offer up her space to me, and I’m so grateful for such wonderful comic friends.  If you’re going to SDCC, stop by and see her, buy all of her stuff and then tell her how awesome she is!

Thanks for looking, hope to see all your smiling faces at Heroes Con. :]

The Stolen Lovelight- Update 4/23


“Space…..the final frontier.”

Just kidding.

Hullo there,

Unveiling a new project that my husband Paul and I have been working on this last month. The Stolen Lovelight.

It’s about a young woman named Arisia Randir who is stuck in the worst relationship of her life. To escape, she pays for her own kidnapping. Things seem to be going according to plan until she wakes up and discovers that she is all alone on the Brochet Swimmer, the cargo ship that was her means of escape. As she begins to explore the ship, she hears her name called over the intercom.

Here are some pages for your viewing pleasure, in no particular order.



It’s around 43 pages long and the art is finally done. I’m currently working on coloring!!

It’s debuting at MoCCA Fest 2012! I’ll be updating info on THAT when we find out more info on that. Thanks!

EDIT: Heads up! Paul and I will be at table I 10 at MoCCA this weekend!

In addition to having the Stolen Lovelight, I’ll also have copies of last year’s mini, Puddles, and two comic anthologies, Unite and Take Over, and I was a Teenage Gargoyle. I’ll also have some left over Game of Thrones prints from MegaCon so make sure you grab some! Paul will have a bunch of stuff too, and when he updates his blog I will link it here.

Friday night I’ll be at Drink and Draw Like a Lady, so if you’re a lady and you like comics, draw comics, write comics, write ABOUT comics, make sure you are there!!

Anyway, I hope to see you all this weekend!!

Dream Journal Entry: Hedicular


Doing some dream journal comics lately. This is one from back in November? I don’t know what exactly this was about, story wise, or “message” wise. I just drew it. It’s probably the first and only dream I’ve had where someone has given me a name and I’ve remembered it. Wherever Hedicular came from, I’ll never know. I also don’t usually tone, so don’t mind that.

MegaCon 2012.


Quick update! I’ll be at MegaCon on the 17th-19th of February. My husband Paul and I will be at table RED 9. See here!


So anyway, there we will be. Paul will have an assortment of comics, both sets of his 31 Bad comics (horror & holiday) as well as a brand new comic he hasn’t disclosed to the public yet. He’ll also have the most recent FINISHED Supertown comic with him, and some nifty postcards!

I reprinted Puddles, and I’m much happier with the quality this time around. So in addition to that, I’ll also have a new mini comic, done in the same vein as “…And Now All Day She Glows”, this time around, it’s “Dea Experiments”, and it’s about a girl scientist. I will also have postcard prints! Here are the ones I’ll have with me. 

Yep, I’m on a Game of Thrones kick. I’ll also be doing sketches if anyone is interested in that. Woo! We’ll also have buttons and business cards, and so on.

–Also, my good friends Justin Peterson and Lee Bretschneider will be there, and I think they will be at table Blue 11. In addition to the many awesome books they have, Justin will have Uncanny Very Near Mint! Which has some back stories on the characters of Very Near Mint, and one of the stories is drawn by me! And also Lee! Wee! So yes, be sure to throw money at them and pick that up, it’s awesome. AWESOME.

Thank you and see you at MegaCon!

I’ll also be at MoCCA this year and Heroes Con. More updates on those as time gets closer!


New, new, new!


New artwork has been added to the following galleries:

-Sneak Peak: A preview page of the graphic novel I’m working on.

-Illustrations: Various drawings I’ve done over the last few months, including some personal commissions.


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Looking forward to an exciting new year.

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